TAC 1 Vous descendez à Malème ?

All buildings on map 14 are wooden buildings. Remove a 4-5-8 and a 8-1 from the New-Zealand OB.

TAC 2 Entre le marteau et l'enclume

The russian units belong to the LVIIth army and not to the XIIth.

TAC 4 Je me souviens

Increase the german SAN to 5.

TAC 7 Piège à Carpiquet

TAC 10 Debout les bambins !

  • Victory conditions : add the following sentence : "the german 40 VP must include at least three squads ((or equivalent)".
  • SSR 2: delete the whole SSR.

    TAC 32 Contre-attaque à Connage

    Replace both 50L with 37L. Suppress the two woods overlays.

    TAC 40 Cauchemar Ecossais

    SSR2 : read "28F0" instead of "28G0". The PzIIIH with AF 3,3 are actually PZIIIG.

    TAC 45 Rakkasan Butai

    In the Victory Conditions, replace "... 3 buildings out of 4 ..." by "... 2 buildings ...". Add one game turn (ie 7 turns).

    TAC 47 Des roses pour Vandervoort

    Add SSR : "The openings through the bocage are treated as Breaches (B9.541)"

    TAC 49 Des fauves aux abois

    The SS-Pz Abt 102 units enter by the southern or western edge.

    TAC 50 Task Force Smith

    Add one game turn (ie 8 1/2 turns)

    TAC 52 L'armée du bout du monde

    French setup: add the following sentence "The fortifications may not set up HIP, the Pillboxes must have a LOS on >= 1 hex of the northern edge"

    TAC 59 La bataille du rail

    On the maps picture, replace RR3 by RR1.

    TAC 66 L'ultime assaut

    The first russian group (elements of 525th infantry reg.) sets up south of the canal and west of row R.

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