Toulouse ASL Tournament '97

The birth of the French 1st Army : the battle for Toulon


The third edition of the Toulouse ASL tournament is now over ! Started in a kitchen, the tournament has had a rapid growth. But each edition is different from the others. Last year, the tournament was based on published scenarios that were known by the players in advance. This year, the scenarios were unedited, and have been distributed to the players just before being played !

This year

This edition was dedicated to the battle of Toulon, august '44 (operation "Anvil"). It required a lot more work than last year since everything has been designed by Laurent Cunin. Laurent did a great job preparing us three days of ASL nirvana : On the other hand, Jean-Claude had made a very powerful software to help managing the Tournament in real-time. Everybody was able to follow their rank after each round. Even more impressive, Jean-Claude was able to print a tag for each table before each round start, on which was summarized the scenario name, the players name, their current score, the sides they had to take, etc. Good job, Jean-Claude !


The event took place in a building lended by the town of Escalquens on November 8, 9 and 10. Thanks again, this place was perfect !

(Escalquens is a small town 10 km away from Toulouse, in the SW of France)

Post-tournament information

Laurent can still be reached here :

   Laurent CUNIN
   5, rue du Berjean
   tel : 05 61 27 94 91
or by email.

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