TkImgMap utility
v 2.0.4


requires : Tcl/Tk >= 8.0

TkImgMap is a freeware dedicated to the creation of image maps that can be included in a Web page. It has a deliberate Windows 95 look & feel, but it's vanilla Tcl/Tk and can be run (almost) anywhere.

It has been tested with Tcl/Tk 8.0p2 on Solaris 2.5, Tcl/Tk 8.0.5 on Linux, Tcl/Tk 8.0.p2 and 8.2.2 on Windows 95.

The "standard" use of TkImgMap is through the Tcl script, TCL/Tk must therefore be installed on your system.

Alternatively, for those who hate Tcl/Tk (do you realize what you miss ?), I've built a Windows 95/98/NT binary which doesn't need Tcl/Tk. I could do the same for Linux but Tcl/Tk is always installed on that cool OS, right ?

Main features

Downloading the Tcl scripts (recommended)

  Windows   UNIX
TkImgMap (main program) TkImgMap-2.0.4.zip (30 ko)   TkImgMap-2.0.4.tar.gz (27 ko)
AnkiConf (context management) AnkiConf-0.3.zip (3 ko)   AnkiConf-0.3.tar.gz (3 ko)
msgcat (Tcl/Tk 8.0.x only) msgcat-1.0.zip (2 ko)   msgcat-1.0.tar.gz (2 ko)
Balloon (balloon help) Balloon-1.0.zip (1,5 ko)   Balloon-1.0.tar.gz (1,5 ko)
Img (new image formats : JPG, PNG...) Follow this link   Follow this link


Downloading the binaries

The binaries include the ballon help but can't read JPG images.

Windows 95/98/NT : TkImgMap-2.0.4win.exe (700 ko)



If you have TkImgMap 1.x installed, you'd better delete it before proceeding or install the new version in another directory

If you have TkImgMap 2.0.x installed, you can simply install the new version in the same directory and let the new files overwrite the old ones.


Uncompress TkImgMap-2.0.x.zip (or tar.gz) whereever you want. Beware ! that's the place it will definitely reside.

The installation must have created a new directory "TkImgMap", containing two sub-directories :

The main directory should contain the following files :

In the "TkImgMap" directory, uncompress the file AnkiConf-0.3.zip (or tar.gz).

A subdirectory AnkiConf0.3 is then created. It should contain two files: AnkiConf.tcl and pkgIndex.tcl.

If you're using Tcl/Tk 8.1+, the installation is done.


If you're using Tcl/Tk 8.0.x, you should retrieve here the small archive msgcat-1.0.zip (or tar.gz) and install it in the TkImgMap directory or in the standard location for Tcl packages.

In any case, a subdirectory named "msgcat1.0" will be automatically created. It contains the two following files : msgcat.tcl and pkgIndex.tcl

Precision : to know the standard location for Tcl packages, run "tclsh" and type "puts $tcl_library". It's a good idea to install the packages there because they will be usable by every Tcl application and not only TkImgMap.


Optional packages installation


** Adds the ballon help feature **

you can find on my site a quick hack of balloon.tcl which has been made by Daniel Roche. He will eventually release a package'd version but I needed it now ! Like TkImgMap, it is available both as a zip and a tar.gz archive.

Install the content of this archive in TkImgMap directory, or in the standard location for Tk packages.

In any case, a "Balloon1.0" directory is created. It should contain the following files : Balloon.tcl and pkgIndex.tcl

Precision : to know the standard location for Tcl packages, run "wish" and type "puts $tcl_library". It's a good idea to install the packages there because they will be usable by every Tcl application and not only TkImgMap.


** Allows to read JPG and PNG images **

binaries are available on Jan Nijtmans' web site, except for Linux but the generation procedures are standard.
The installation process is automatic, let it do everything for you !  


18/9/2000 : version 2.0.4

This version includes a new language file : Hungarian thanks to Peter Feher. It can also now detect new language file as soon as they are installed.

5/11/2000 : version 2.0.3

A bad mistake in version 2.0.2 induced a wrong behaviour when saving the areas coordinates in the HTML file : each area coordinates were appended to all the following ones !

5/10/2000 : version 2.0.2

Essentially a bugfix version (see HISTORY.txt included with the software) and also allows to launch TkImgMap from another directory (including through a symbolic link [UNIX])

Warning : requires AnkiConf version 0.3

12/24/2000 : version 2.0.1

Minor change to be able to create a stand-alone executable [Windows].

New in version 2.0 :

This a complete reworking of the first version, which aims at releasing something really usable :

Useful Links

These extensions and programs make it easier to build complete applications, that I hope are useful for some people (especially TkImgMap).

Thanks again to you, Jan, Daniel and Dennis !

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